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Get To Know Your Mechanic 

Chris Corbett


     My mechanical inclination started at a very young age.  When I was 4 years old, I pulled apart my very first gasoline powered engine.  It was a single cylinder 3.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton push-mower engine that no one could get started.  I took it apart, studied how it worked, and put it back together and got it started by myself out in the garage. My mother still teases me to this day about hearing that engine fire up out in the garage and could not believe it.

     As a kid, I would take anything apart that I could get my hands on and figure out how it worked and put it back together.  I was fixing things that were broken and everyone that knew me knew that I was going to be a gearhead.  My passion, determination and abilities led to a life-long endeavor of getting my hands on anything that I could to see if I can fix it.  It didn't matter if it was an engine, a motor, an RC car or a kitchen appliance, furnace or whatnot.  I would work on any of it.   Following my passion it was only natural that I jump into the automotive world.  As a young college student, I worked as an auto technician at several dealerships while finishing college.  After college, I held many hats in the Information Technology profession for nearly 20 years.  This background along with my already extensive mechanical expertise has helped me to extend my skillset into the realm of Hybrid Electric Vehicles and the electrical engineering behind them.

     From a services perspective, I can perform a myriad of general work to all vehicles.   I have worked on and serviced multiple systems within standard gas-powered automobiles for years.  Having studied HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) extensively, I have a solid understanding of how these vehicles operate and function.  For a lot of shops, the electrical engineering used to control these high-voltage systems and how their complex computers manage the marriage between the gasoline-powered engines and traction electric motors is not at all understood. This can often lead to customers being turned away having a hard time finding side shops to work on these cars.  Going to the dealership often results in mis-diagnosis and over-charging.  I have very specialized experience working on the gen 2 Toyota Prius and I have also worked on other makes and models. I have resolved many issues that were either unknown or diagnosed wrongly by other shops.

     Whether I know what your problem is from the start or whether I have to spend time tracing it down, engaging in the appropriate diagnostics and troubleshooting, I am always willing to lend an honest option and give you the intelligence behind that opinion.  I provide fair pricing in line with the level of knowledge and expertise that it takes to work on today's complicated and complex vehicles. 

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