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    Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) 

Perform diagnostics and troubleshooting, Hybrid battery repairs, 12V battery replacement, battery fan cleaning, power inverter replacement and cooling pump replacement, engine water pumps, specialized dash light repairs to resolve the "black dash issue" on the Gen 2 Prius, ABS actuator replacement, water leak sealing and high voltage A/C repairs/work and much more.

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Heating & A/C

Perform heat and A/C diagnostics/service work on gas and hybrid vehicles. Interior controls troubleshooting and blower fan troubleshooting as well as system dye-charging with evacuation/recharge and/or compressor replacement (belt driven or high-voltage) including evaporator replacement services.


General Automotive Services

Perform diagnostics across all systems (Engine, ABS, HVAC, SRS, Air Suspension systems, etc.), sensor replacement, brake and suspension/steering work, timing belt/water pump/radiator replacement and other engine cooling system work. Water leak troubleshooting and other general repairs.


Interior & Exterior Restoration Services

Perform interior and exterior cleaning/restoration services. Exterior paint correction for small fix-able clearcoat scratches/blemishes, paint detailing/buffing and other detail work.  Carpet removal/replacement post water damage.  

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