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Interior Restoration

Engine Belts

General Maintenance

2005 Toyota Sequoia 

This is the front of the engine, taken apart to access the cooling system and refresh it. Also giving the Sequoia a brand-new timing belt.

2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

This Highlander's power inverter/converter failed and needed to be replaced. I ran a diagnostic and learned it was due to a failed MG1 stator in the transaxle.

Engine Belts
Hybrid Battery Repair
Hybrid Battery Repair

multimeter Test

ac6 chargers

Gen 2 Toyota Prius Traction Battery Pack

Here I am testing the surface voltage on all of the modules within the high-voltage pack after being removed from the car.

Then I used two, AC6 Chargers to balance charge the two new battery modules that I installed in the pack.

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